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2019-05-02 02:40:32 -0400

What was your lyrics? Maybe I’ll try write something along the same vain 2019/04/08 13:11 honestly i just mumbled some nonsense i:ve been thinkingg recently about like how decay is like a generative process like if u picture a rainforest, the rotting leaves sustain certain plants which sustain certain animals etc living in tokyo and taipei I think like the triangulation of pressures (read: capital and stuff) is making people mad off the vapors which is kind of feeding a creative ferment so like things falling apart and creating new mutations _? kind of thing in that sense I think it:s a song of spring things growing and sprouting, a kind of madness in the air Cool that’s interesting or perhaps of making a nest in this? this situation Wait wym people mad off vapours? i mean that the pressures drive them to take unnatural actions Oh yes in a somewhat selfdestructive way self preserving self destruction? 👍 1 Death drive vs life drive ? I haven:t read about death drive so I don:t know or life drive From what I understand It’s just basically like my name for these pressures I made up is (ambient) "psychic violence" 👍 1 Everyone has things they do that drive us toward life (eating healthy, doing things, drinking water) and drive toward death (smoke, drink etc) But it’s a balance of this that creates life Psychic violence is cool haha

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_undrwtr_ at 2020-05-07 18:50:
holi :)
Belt at 2019-09-25 02:52:
Extrapolative generation of heat

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